Our Youth Services

What We Offer

Participants are also required to attend house meetings. These are typically evening meetings, up to four times per month, in which professionals and community members speak to the group about resources, programs and life skills education. Some meeting topics include:

  • Healthy Relationships

    Lessons include Sexual Health Education and Safe Dating

  • Cultural Competency Workshop

  • Money Management

    Lessons include Cooking on a Budget and Housing Search

  • Computer Training

  • Independent Daily Living

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Field Trips

    (we visit entertainment venues in the City of Twin Falls)

  • Employment Preparation

    Lessons include Career Paths, Employment Skills, and College Prep.

  • Health and Nutrition

    Lessons include Basic Nutrition, First Aid & CPR, Staying Healthy, Medical and Dental Care, and Personal Hygiene


Bringing out the Best in our Youth

Leadership Development Series for young men and women including:

  • Building Bonds

  • Developing Powerful Capacities

  • Identifying our Filters and Perspectives

  • Communication

  • Commitment and Community Support

  • Basic Household Maintenance

  • Financial Management & Budgeting

  • Transportation

  • Community Resources

  • Hygiene and Personal Care