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Aging-out happens when a child in foster care turns the age of eighteen without a safe and permanent home. They are deemed adults and are no longer under the purview of the Child Protection Act. To date, twenty-four youth have aged-out of foster care in our area since January 1, 2015. They often leave foster care with the rights to their parents having been terminated sometime during their childhood. They have spent a significant amount of their childhood in a foster home or a group home without a home or family of their own. Often the only constant they have experienced in their life is their community.

We represent an opportunity for a group of our youth to be successful in life as they transition to adulthood. We recognize foster kids are aging out of the state system at 18. Many of them are not ready to make this transition successfully. My kids, and most likely yours, were not ready to be on their own at 18 and they had the support of a loving family covering all their needs. Even with that support it is difficult as they moved through this stage of life.

Who We Are

After turning 18 and no longer being eligible for the foster care system, many children lose their home. Most often, these children are not ready to make this transition to adulthood, but have nowhere to go. Twin Falls Optimist Youth House provides a home for children aging out of the foster care system. We have renovated a two-story home to provide housing for these children,

What We Do

Our staff is here to help the young adults who have aged out of foster care develop for adult life. Often times, foster children miss out on opportunities such as getting a driver's license, having employment experience, or even basic skills like cooking. Twin Falls Optimist Youth House guide these youth on the path to realize their full potential.

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Give Them the Advantage that Statistics Don't

The National Youth Transition Database surveyed youth in Idaho at the age of nineteen and again at the age of twenty-one. It was reported that 47% of the twenty-one-year-old adults that had aged-out of foster care report they have been homeless over the last two years. Less than half of the youth finish high school and less than 2% obtained a college degree. The database reported one in four have been incarcerated within two years of aging-out.

Our goal is to help change these statistics, and help these youth find a better chance at life.

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